We’re Recyclers!

We operate two separate businesses.

Cans & Bottles Recycling Pty. Ltd:
Recycling all containers that have a 10c refund on them! (bottles, cans, PETE and HDPE units). We also take non-deposit glass e.g., wine bottles or jars that have been cleaned with no contents inside – (Glass that has content, fit for human consumption).

North Western Metal Recycling Depot:
Recycling ferrous scrap metal – light steel, oversize and insize and non ferrous such as copper, brass, aluminium, batteries stainless steel etc.  We can collect from you for free, or if you would like to be paid cash for your scrap, you can come to our yard on Oborn street!  We’ll weigh it on our weigh bridge and pay you accordingly!

Yes- we do Industrial & farm cleanups too!
What’s involved you ask?

Using our Specialised heavy equipment such as excavator, tippers and magnets, we can assist you in looking after your area and keeping the environment clean.

We pay you for the scrap metal that we clean up from your site at the current market prices for scrap metal!